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Notice: In eagle library, please pay more attention on layer 46 of footprint, you will find hints for such components.

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Image Seeed PN MPN Description Category Packagef Manufacturer Datasheet 3D-Modulef Digikey Mouser
0100020P1 CC0603KRX7R9BB104 SMD CAP Ceramic 100nF-50V-10%-X7R Capacitor 0603 YAGEO 0100020P1 Capacitor0603 311-1344-2-ND 603-CC603KRX7R9BB104
0100080P1 CC0805KKX5R8BB106 SMD CAP Ceramic 10uF-25V-10%-X5R Capacitor 0805 YAGEO 0100080P1 Capacitor0805 603-CC805KKX5R8BB106
0100440P1 CC0805KKX7R8BB105 SMD CAP Ceramic 1uF-25V-10%-X7R Capacitor 0805 YAGEO 0100440P1 Capacitor0805 311-1456-1-ND 603-CC805KKX7R8BB105
0100340P1 CC0603KRX7R8BB105 SMD CAP Ceramic 1uF-25V-10%-X7R Capacitor 0603 YAGEO 0100340P1 Capacitor0603 603-CC603KRX7R8BB105
0130050P1 TAJA106K016RNJ SMD CAP Tantalum 10uF-16V 10% Capacitor AVX-A AVX 0130050P1 AVX-A 478-1655-1-ND 581-TAJA106K016R
0100350P1 CC0603KRX7R9BB103 SMD CAP Ceramic 10nF-50V-10%-X7R Capacitor 0603 YAGEO 0100350P1 Capacitor0603 311-1085-2-ND 603-CC603KRX7R9BB103
0130120P1 TAJB106K016RNJ SMD CAP Tantalum 10uF-16V 10% Capacitor AVX-B AVX 0130120P1 AVX-B 478-1673-1-ND 581-TAJB106K016
0130180P1 TAJB476K010RNJ SMD CAP Tantalum 47uF-10V 10% Capacitor AVX-B AVX 0130180P1 AVX-B 478-1693-1-ND 581-TAJB476K010
0130170P1 TAJC107K010RNJ SMD CAP Tantalum 100uF-10V 10% Capacitor AVX-C AVX 0130170P1 AVX-C 478-1704-1-ND 581-TAJC107K010R
0100370P1 CC0603KRX7R9BB102 SMD CAP Ceramic 1nF-50V-10%-X7R Capacitor 0603 YAGEO 0100370P1 Capacitor0603 311-1080-1-ND 603-CC603KRX7R9BB102
0100620P1 CC0603JRNPO9BN220 SMD CAP Ceramic 22pF-50V-5%-NPO Capacitor 0603 YAGEO 0100620P1 Capacitor0603 311-1062-1-ND 603-CC603JRNPO9BN220
302010067 CC0603JRNPO9BN120 SMD CAP Ceramic 12pF-50V-5%-NP0 Capacitor 0603 YAGEO 302010067 Capacitor0603
0130040P1 TAJA106K010RNJ SMD CAP Tantalum 10uF-10V 10% Capacitor AVX-A AVX 0130040P1 AVX-A 478-1654-1-ND 581-TAJA106K010
0130240P1 TAJB226K010RNJ SMD CAP Tantalum 22uF-10V 10% Capacitor AVX-B AVX 0130240P1 AVX-B 478-3039-1-ND 581-TAJB226K010
0100850P1 CC0603KRX7R9BB472 SMD CAP Ceramic 4.7nF-50V-10%-X7R Capacitor 0603 YAGEO 0100850P1 Capacitor0603 311-1083-1-ND 603-C0603KRX7R9BB472
0130360P1 TAJC226K025RNJ SMD CAP Tantalum 22uF-25V 10% 2312 Capacitor AVX-C AVX 0130360P1 AVX-C 478-1712-1-ND 581-TAJC226K025R
0130100P1 TAJB106K010RNJ SMD CAP Tantalum 10uF-10V 10% Capacitor AVX-B AVX 0130100P1 AVX-B 478-1672-1-ND 581-TAJB106K010
0100410P1 CC0603JRNPO9BN270 SMD CAP Ceramic 27pF-50V-5%-NPO Capacitor 0603 YAGEO 0100410P1 Capacitor0603 311-1063-1-ND 603-CC603JRNPO9BN270
010023001 CC0603DRNPO9BN8R2 SMD CAP Ceramic 8.2pF-50V-0.5pF-NPO Capacitor 0603 YAGEO 0100230P1 Capacitor0603 603-CC603DRNPO9BN8R2
302010056 CC0603KRX7R9BB222 SMD CAP Ceramic 2.2nF-50V-10%-X7R Capacitor 0603 YAGEO 302010056 Capacitor0603
302010073 CC0603KRX7R8BB224 SMD CAP Ceramic 220nF-25V-10%-X7R Capacitor 0603 YAGEO 302010073 Capacitor0603
302010076 CC0603JRNPO9BN101 SMD CAP Ceramic 100pF-50V-5%-NPO Capacitor 0603 YAGEO 302010076 Capacitor0603
302010082 CC0603JRNPO9BN150 SMD CAP Ceramic 15pF-50V-5%-NPO Capacitor 0603 YAGEO 302010082 Capacitor0603
302010082 CC0603JRNPO9BN150 SMD CAP Ceramic 15pF-50V-5%-NPO Capacitor 0603 YAGEO 302010082 Capacitor0603
302010088 CC0603KRX7R9BB333 SMD CAP Ceramic 33nF-50V-10%-X7R Capacitor 0603 YAGEO 302010088 Capacitor0603
302010095 CC0603KRX7R9BB223 SMD CAP Ceramic 22nF-50V-10%-X7R;0603 Capacitor 0603 YAGEO 302010095 Capacitor0603
302010126 CC0603JRNPO9BN390 SMD CAP Ceramic 39pF-50V-5%-NPO;0603 Capacitor 0603 YAGEO 302010126 Capacitor0603
302010146 CC0805KKX5R8BB475 SMD CAP Ceramic 4.7uF-25V-10%-X5R;0805 Capacitor 0805 YAGEO 302010146 Capacitor0805
302010148 CC0805KKX7R8BB225 SMD CAP Ceramic 2.2uF-25V-10%-X7R;0805 Capacitor 0805 YAGEO 302010148 Capacitor0805
302010165 CC0805KRX7R9BB104 SMD CAP Ceramic 100nF-50V-10%-X7R; Capacitor 0805 YAGEO 302010165 Capacitor0805
302020022 SMD CAP Tantalum 47uF-16V Capacitor AVX-C AVX 302020022 AVX-C
302030031 DIP CAP Aluminum 100uF-16V Capacitor Radial-D5.0*H7.0mm JWCO 302030031
302030060 KS100uF/16V 5X7 DIP CAP Aluminum 100uF-16V Capacitor Radial-2.0-D5.0*H7mm Jiaweicheng 302030060
302010004 CC0402KRX7R7BB104 SMD CAP Ceramic 100nF-16V-10%-X7R Capacitor 0402 YAGEO 302010004
302010013 CC0402JRNPO9BN221 SMD CAP Ceramic 220pF-50V-5%-NPO Capacitor 0402 YAGEO 302010013
302010024 CC0402KRX7R8BB104 SMD CAP Ceramic 100nF-25V-10%-X7R Capacitor 0402 YAGEO 302010024
302010264 GRM21BR61E106KA73L SMD CAP Ceramic 10uF-25V-10%-X5R Capacitor 0805 Murata 302010264
302010018 CC0402JRNPO9BN220 SMD CAP Ceramic 22pF-50V-5%-NPO Capacitor 0402 YAGEO 302010018


Image Seeed PN MPN Description Category Package Manufacturer Datasheet 3D-Module Digikey Mouser
0030110P1 RC1206JR-07100RL SMD RES 100R-5%-1/4W Resistor 1206 YAGEO 0030110P1 Resistor1206 311-100ERCT-ND 603-RC1206JR-07100RL
0010030P1 RC0603JR-074K7L SMD RES 4.7K-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 0010030P1 Resistor0603 311-4.7KGRTR-ND 603-RC0603JR-074K7L
0011240P1 RC0603FR-0710KL SMD RES 10K-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 0011240P1 Resistor0603 311-10.0KHRCT-ND 603-RC0603FR-0710KL
0010600P1 RC0603JR-07390RL SMD RES 390R-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 0010600P1 Resistor0603 311-390GRCT-ND 603-RC0603JR-07390RL
0010220P1 RC0603JR-0775RL SMD RES 75R-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 0010220P1 Resistor0603 311-75GRTR-ND 603-RC0603JR-0775RL
0010070P1 RC0603JR-070RL SMD RES 0R-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 0010070P1 Resistor0603 311-0.0GRCT-ND 603-RC0603JR-070RL
0010010P1 RC0603JR-0722RL SMD RES 22R-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 0010010P1 Resistor0603 311-22GRTR-ND 603-RC0603JR-0722RL
0011090P1 RC0603FR-071KL SMD RES 1K-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 0011090P1 Resistor0603 311-1.00KHRCT-ND 603-RC0603FR-071KL
0010570P1 RC0603FR-0749R9L SMD RES 49.9R-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 0010570P1 Resistor0603 311-49.9HRCT-ND 603-RC0603FR-0749R9L
0011330P1 RC0603FR-07330RL SMD RES 330R-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 0011330P1 Resistor0603 311-330HRCT-ND 603-RC0603FR-07330RL
0040070P1 SMD RES ARRAY 10K OHM 4 RES 1206 Resistor 1206-8 Royalohm 0040070P1 Resisitor1206-8
0040040P1 SMD RES ARRAY 4.7K OHM 4 RES 1206 Resistor 1206-8-3.2X1.6 0040040P1 Resisitor1206-8 YC164J-4.7KCT-ND 603-YC164-JR-074K7L
301010113 RC0603JR-072KL SMD RES 2K-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010113 Resistor0603
301010153 RC0603FR-0710ML SMD RES 10M-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010153 Resistor0603
301010205 RC0603FR-07150KL SMD RES 150K-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010205 Resistor0603
301010117 RC0603JR-0733RL SMD RES 33R-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010117 Resistor0603
301010151 RC0603FR-071ML SMD RES 1M-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010151 Resistor0603}
301010154 RC0603FR-072ML SMD RES 2M-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010154 Resistor0603}
301010163 RC0603JR-07220RL SMD RES 220R-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010163 Resistor0603}
301010189 RC0603FR-071K5L SMD RES 1.5K-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010189 Resistor0603}
301010196 RC0603FR-07100KL SMD RES 100K-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010196 Resistor0603}
301010212 RC0603JR-07200KL SMD RES 200K-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010212 Resistor0603}
301010213 RC0603JR-074M7L SMD RES 4.7M-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010213 Resistor0603}
301010231 RC0603JR-0715RL SMD RES 15R-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010231 Resistor0603}
301010232 RC0603FR-0724KL SMD RES 24K-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010232 Resistor0603}
301010251 RC0603FR-073K3L SMD RES 3.3K-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010251 Resistor0603}
301010246 RC0603FR-07680KL SMD RES 680K-1%-1/16W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010246 Resistor0603}
301010000 RC0402JR-070RL SMD RES 0R-5%-1/16W Resistor 0402 YAGEO 301010000
301010004 RC0402JR-0710KL SMD RES 10K-5%-1/16W Resistor 0402 YAGEO 301010004
301010006 RC0402JR-071KL SMD RES 1K-5%-1/16W Resistor 0402 YAGEO 301010006
301010028 RC0402JR-07100RL SMD RES 100R-5%-1/16W Resistor 0402 YAGEO 301010028
301010035 RC0402JR-073K3L SMD RES 3.3K-5%-1/16W Resistor 0402 YAGEO 301010035
301010045 RC0402JR-0712KL SMD RES 12K-5%-1/16W Resistor 0402 YAGEO 301010045
301010076 RC0402JR-071R5L SMD RES 1.5R-5%-1/16W Resistor 0402 YAGEO 301010076
301010085 RC0603JR-0768RL SMD RES 68R-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010085 Resistor0603
301010092 RC0603JR-0727KL SMD RES 27K-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010092 Resistor0603
301010096 RC0603JR-0710RL SMD RES 10R-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010096 Resistor0603
301010102 RC0603FR-0712KL SMD RES 12K-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010102 Resistor0603
301010103 RC0603JR-0715KL SMD RES 15K-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010103 Resistor0603
301010105 RC0603JR-0720KL SMD RES 20K-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010105 Resistor0603
301010115 RC0603JR-071K1L SMD RES 1.1K-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010115 Resistor0603
301010121 RC0603JR-0710ML SMD RES 10M-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010121 Resistor0603
301010132 RC0603JR-0722KL SMD RES 22K-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010132 Resistor0603
301010133 RC0603JR-07150KL SMD RES 150K-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010133 Resistor0603
301010145 RC0603JR-0751KL SMD RES 51K-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010145 Resistor0603
301010157 RC0603JR-07510RL SMD RES 510R-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010157 Resistor0603
301010166 RC0603JR-075K6L SMD RES 5.6K-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010166 Resistor0603
301010169 RC0603FR-0768KL SMD RES 68K-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010169 Resistor0603
301010170 RC0603FR-073KL SMD RES 3K-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010170 Resistor0603
301010185 RC0603FR-0710RL SMD RES 10R-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010185 Resistor0603
301010202 RC0603FR-0730KL SMD RES 30K-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010202 Resistor0603
301010206 RC0603FR-071K2L SMD RES 1.2K-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010206 Resistor0603
301010210 RC0603JR-07620RL SMD RES 620R-5%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010210 Resistor0603
301010222 RC0603FR-0782KL SMD RES 82K-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010222 Resistor0603
301010254 RC0603FR-071K8L SMD RES 1.8K-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010254 Resistor0603
301010288 RC0603FR-0720KL SMD RES 20K-1%-1/10W Resistor 0603 YAGEO 301010288 Resistor0603
301010304 RC0805JR-0710KL SMD RES 10K-5%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010304
301010306 RC0805JR-074K7L SMD RES 4.7K-5%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010306
301010311 RC0805JR-071KL SMD RES 1K-5%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010311
301010315 RC0805JR-07220RL SMD RES 220R-5%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010315
301010318 RC0805JR-072KL SMD RES 2K-5%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010318
301010319 RC0805JR-07100RL SMD RES 100R-5%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010319
301010320 RC0805JR-07390RL SMD RES 390R-5%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010320
301010326 RC0805JR-0768RL SMD RES 68R-5%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010326
301010327 RC0805JR-0756KL SMD RES 56K-5%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010327
301010328 RC0805JR-0715KL SMD RES 15K-5%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010328
301010329 RC0805JR-0722RL SMD RES 22R-5%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010329
301010331 RC0805JR-073K3L SMD RES 3.3K-5%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010331
301010333 RC0805JR-072K2L SMD RES 2.2K-5%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010333
301010341 RC0805JR-0722KL SMD RES 22K-5%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010341
301010342 RC0805JR-071K8L SMD RES 1.8K-5%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010342
301010351 RC0805JR-07120RL SMD RES 120R-5%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010351
301010361 RC0805FR-0710KL SMD RES 10K-1%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010361
301010388 RC0805FR-0747KL SMD RES 47K-1%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010388
301010394 RC0805FR-071K5L SMD RES 1.5K-1%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010394
301010396 RC0805FR-07100KL SMD RES 100K-1%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010396
301010400 RC0805JR-078K2L SMD RES 8.2K-5%-1/8W Resistor 0805 YAGEO 301010400
301010405 RC1206JR-0713RL SMD RES 13R-5%-1/4W Resistor 1206 YAGEO 301010405
301030012 Chip Array Series 1%,5% SMD RES Array 1k-4R Resistor 1206-8 Royalohm 301030012
301040026 SX3362P DIP VR Top Adj 10K-3362P Resistor 3P-L7.0*W7.0*H5.0mm BEST 301040026
301040014 SX3362P DIP VR Top Adj 10K-3362P Resistor 3P-L7.0*W7.0*H5.0mm BEST 301040014
301040009 SX3362P DIP VR Top Adj 10K-3362P Resistor 3P-L7.0*W7.0*H5.0mm BEST 301040009
301040037 JML3266W-200K DIP Side Adj 200K-10%-0.5w Resistor 2P-L13.5*W6.8*W4.7mm BEST 301040037


Image Seeed PN MPN Description Category Package Manufacturer Datasheet 3D-Module Digikey Mouser
1030050P1 ATMEGA328P-PU IC MCU 8BIT 32KB FLASH IC 28-DIP Atmel 1030050P1 28-DIP ATMEGA328P-PU-ND 556-ATMEGA328P-PU
310010006 ATMEGA2560-16AU SMD IC MCU;TQFP-100 IC TQFP-100 Atmel 310010006
310010053 LPC11U35FHI33/501 DIP IC MCU;HVQFN-32 IC HVQFN-32 NXP 310010053
310010023 ATMEGA8A-AU SMD IC MCU;TQFP-32 IC TQFP-32 Atmel 310010023
310010010 ATMEGA32U4-AU ATMEGA32U4-AU,SMD IC MCU;TQFP-44 IC TQFP-44 Atmel 310010010
1310190P1 CJT1117-3.3 SMD PMIC LDO Vin4.75v Vout 3.3v I=1A IC SOT-223 CJ 1310190P1 SOT-223
310030006 LM317EMP LM317EMP,SMD IC PMIC;SOT-223 IC SOT-223 TI 310030006
1720010P1 FT232RL IC USB FS SERIAL UART IC 28-SSOP FTDI 1720010P1 28-SSOP 768-1007-2-ND 895-FT232RL
1300040P1 CJ78M05 Three-terminal positive voltage regulator 0.5A 5V IC TO-252 CJ 1300040P1 TO-252
1300260P1 XC6206P332MR-G IC SOT-23 TOREX 1300260P1 SOT-23
310030009 XC6206P302MR SMD IC PMIC;SOT-23 IC SOT-23 TOREX 310030009
310030014 XC6206P252MR-G SMD IC PMIC;SOT-23 IC SOT-23 TOREX 310030014
1030060P1 ATMEGA328P-AU IC MCU 8BIT 32KB FLASH 32TQFP IC 32-TQFP Atmel 1030060P1 32-TQFP ATMEGA328P-AU-ND 556-ATMEGA328P-AU
1110010P1 LM358DR IC OPAMP GP 700KHZ DUAL IC 8-SOIC Texas Instruments 1110010P1 8-SOIC 296-1014-1-ND 595-LM358DR
1310120P1 CJA1117B-3.3 1A LOW DROPOUT LINEAR REGULATOR 3.3V IC SOT-89 CJ 1310120P1 SOT-89
1320040P1 CN3065 Lithium Ion Battery Charger for Solar-Powered Systems 4.2V IC 8-DFN CONSONANCE 1320040P1 8-DFN
1100030P1 LMV324IDR IC OPAMP GP R-R 1MHZ QUAD IC 14-SOIC Texas Instruments 1100030P1 14-SOIC 296-9569-1-ND 595-LMV324IDR
1900100P1 DS1307ZN IC RTC SERIAL 512K IND IC 8-SOIC Maxim Integrated 1900100P1 8-SOIC DS1307ZN-ND 700-DS1307ZN-NR
1310170P1 CJT1117-5.0 1A LOW DROPOUT LINEAR REGULATOR 5V IC SOT-223 CJ 1310170P1 SOT-223
131048001 XC6204B332MR IC SOT-25 Torex Semiconductor Ltd 131048001 893-1064-1-ND
310030121 MP1496DJ MP1496DJ SMD IC PMIC;TSOT23-8 IC TSOT23-8 Monolithic Power Systems 310030121
310040002 TM1636 DIP IC Driver;DIP-18 IC DIP-18 TITAN 310040002
310040018 L298P SMD IC Driver;PowerSO-20 IC PowerSO-20 ST 310040018
310040021 RT9167A-33PB SMD IC Driver;SOT23-5 IC SOT23-5 RichTek 310040021
310050042 74VHC125MTCX SMD IC Logic;TSSOP-14 IC TSSOP-14 Fairchild 310050042
310070025 MCP2515T-I/SO SMD IC Interface IC 18-SOIC Microchip 310070025
310070024 MCP2551-I/SN SMD IC Interface IC 8-SOIC Microchip 310070024
310020002 LMV358ID SMD IC Amplifier IC 8-SOIC TI 310020002 8-SOIC
310020015 LM2904DR SMD IC Amplifier IC 8-SOIC TI 310020015 8-SOIC
310020016 LM293D SMD IC Amplifier IC 8-SOIC TI 310020016 8-SOIC
310110008 DS1337S+ SMD IC Clock/Timing IC 8-SOIC Maxim Integrated 310110008 8-SOIC
310050019 SN74LVC1G125DCKR SMD IC Logic IC SC-70-5 TI 310050019
310030148 ETA3406S2F-T SMD IC PMIC IC SOT23-5 ETA solution 310030148
310010001 LPC1768FBD100 SMD IC MCU; IC LQFP-100 NXP 310010001
310010024 LPC1114FN28 DIP IC MCU; ARM Cortex-M0 based 32-bit MCU (DIP) IC DIP-28 NXP 310010024
310010045 LPC11U24FBD64/401 SMD IC MCU IC LQFP-64 NXP 310010045
310030064 MAX1555EZK+T SMD IC PMIC IC SOT-23-5 Maxim 310030064
310060023 MAX232D SMD Receiver Module;MAX232 (SOIC - RS232 to TTL level translator) IC SOIC-16 Texas Instruments 310060023


Image Seeed PN MPN Description Category Package Manufacturer Datasheet 3D-Module Digikey Mouser
3410020P1 DC-005 CONN POWER JACK 2.1MM Connector PW-3P-2.1 BEST 3410020P1 PW-3P-2.1 CP-002A-ND(compatible)
3300060P1 ST-TF-003A Micro SD Card Socket Connector 9P-SMD-W/-RING SUNTECH 3300060P1 9P-SMD-W/-RING
320090002 VSHO-TF08-5501 SMD SD Card Holder; Connector 8P-SMD-COVER VSHOTECH 320090002
320090008 Micro SD Card Holder Connector TF-01 BEST 320090008
3461250P1 DIP Long Blue Female Header Connector 1X6P-2.54-8.5+2.5-12.3 YXCON 3461250P1 1X6P-2.54-8.5+2.5-12.3 BLUE FEMALE
320030001 DIP Long Blue Female Header Connector 1*10P-2.54-8.5+2.5-12.3mm YXCON 320030001
3461260P1 DIP Long Blue Female Header Connector 1X8P-2.54-8.5+2.5-12.3 YXCON 3461260P1 1X8P-2.54-8.5+2.5-12.3
3461240P1 DIP Long Blue Female Header Connector 2X3P-2.54-8.5+1.5-12.3 YXCON 3461240P1 2X3P-2.54-8.5+1.5-12.3 BLUE FEMALE
3400030P1 ST-USB-013A CONN RECEPT MINI USB2.0 5POS Connector MINI-B-5P-SMD SUNTECH 3400030P1 MINI-B-5P-SMD H2960CT-ND(compatible) 798-UX60-MB-5S8(compatible)
3440030P1 AUDIO-Connector Connector 6P-SMD-3.5 SUNTECH 3440030P1 6P-SMD-3.5
3460590P1 F185-1108A1BSYC1 DIP Yellow Female Header Connector 1X8P-2.54-8.5 YXCON 3460590P1 1X8P-2.54-8.5 YELLOW FEMALE S7006-ND(compatible)
3460550P1 F185-1108A1BSYC1 DIP White Female Header Connector 1X8P-2.54-8.5 YXCON 3460550P1 1X8P-2.54-8.5 WHITE FEMALE S7006-ND(compatible)
3460180P1 P125-12A1BS116A1 DIP Black Male Header Connector 2X3P-2.54-2.54-11.6/3.0 YXCON 3460180P1 2X3P-2.54-2.54-11.6-3.0 BLACK MALE 609-3202-ND(compatible)
3460650P1 P125-1106A1BS116A1 DIP Black Male Header Connector 1X6P-2.54-2.54-11.6/3.0 YXCON 3460650P1 1X6P-2.54-2.54-11.6-3.0 BLACK MALE 609-3256-ND(compatible)
3010010P1 MS-22D18 G2 ROHS SW SLIDE DPDT 6VDC 0.3A PCMNT Connector 6P-2CH-2.54-9.1X3.5X3.2+2H 德艺隆 3010010P1 6P-2CH-2.54-9.1X3.5X3.2+2H 401-2001-ND(compatible) 611-JS202011CQN(compatible)
3100060P1 TS-1188E SMD Button Connector 4P-SMD-7.0X3.5X3.5H-90D BEST 3100060P1 4P-SMD-7.0X3.5X3.5H-90D
3470130P1 DIP Grove Connector 4P-2.0 TAIFENG 3470130P1 4P-2.0
3460440P1 CONN JUMPER SHORTING Connector 2P-2.54 TAIFENG 3460440P1 2P-2.54 S9002-ND(compatible)
3400020P1 ST-USB-002A CONN USB RCPT MINI B 5PS R/A SMD Connector MINI-B-SMD SUNTECH 3400020P1 MINI-B-SMD 670-1190-1-ND(compatible)
3470120P1 SMD Grove Connector 4P-SMD-2.0-90D TAIFENG 3470120P1 4P-SMD-2.0-90D
3470070P1 Screw Terminal Connector 2P-3.5 GOOSVN 3470070P1 2P-3.5 651-1984617 (compatible)
3470090P1 SMD Grove Connector 4P-SMD-2.0 3470090P1 4P-SMD-2.0
3470140P1 DIP Grove Connector 4P-2.0-90D TAIFENG 3470140P1 4P-2.0-90D
3410050P1 CONN HEADER PH SIDE 2POS 2MM SMD Connector 2P-SMD-2.0-90D 3410050P1 2P-SMD-2.0-90D 455-1749-1-ND(compatible)
3410010P1 Jack DC-044-A Connector PW-3P-2.1 BEST 3410010P1 DC-044-A
3450020P1 CONN RECPT ULTRA-MINI COAX SMD Connector U-FL I-PEX 3450020P1 U-FL H9161CT-ND(compatible) 798-U.FL-R-SMT10(compatible)
3470110P1 Screw Terminal Connector 2P-5.0 GOOSVN 3470110P1 2P-5.0
3410070P1 CONN HEADER PH SIDE 2POS 2MM Connector 2P-2.0-90D 3410070P1 2P-2.0-90D 455-1719-ND(compatible)
3470080P1 Screw Terminal Connector 3P-5.0 GOOSVN 3470080P1 3P-5.0
3420050P1 RJ45-MJ88-BX11-RVSL2 Connector RJ45 HL 3420050P1 RJ45-MJ88-BX11-RVSL2
3460290P1 F185-1108A1BSYC1 CONN HEADER FEMALE 8POS .1" TIN Connector 1X8P-2.54-8.5 YXCON 3460290P1 1X8P-2.54-8.5 S7006-ND(compatible)
3460270P1 F185-1106A1BSYC1 CONN HEADER FEMALE 6POS .1" TIN Connector 1X6P-2.54-8.5 YXCON 3460270P1 1X6P-2.54-8.5 BLACK FEMALE S7004-ND(compatible)
3460810P1 BERGSTIK II .100" SR STRAIGHT Connector 1X3P-2.54-2.54-11.6/3.0 YXCON 3460810P1 1X3P-2.54-2.54-11.6-3.0-BLACK-_MALE 609-3461-ND(compatible)
3461050P1 P125-1108A1BS116A1 CONN HEADER 8POS .100 STR Connector 1X8P-2.54-2.54-11.6/3.0 YXCON 3461050P1 1X8P-2.54-2.54-11.6-3.0 BLACK MALE 609-3300-ND(compatible)
3100010P1 DTSM-62K-S-V-T/R(SN431) SWITCH TACTILE SPST-NO 0.05A 12V Connector 4P-SMD-6.0X6.0X5.0H DIPTRONICS 3100010P1 4P-SMD-6.0X6.0X5.0H 1301.9315-ND(compatible) 693-1301.9315(compatible)
3110040P1 TS-1109 SWITCH TACTILE SPST-NO 0.05A 12V Connector 4P-6.0X6.0X5.0H BEST 3110040P1 4P-6.0X6.0X5.0H 450-1650-ND(compatible)
3400150P1 ST-USB-001E MICRO USB B SMD R/A Connector B-SMD-5P SUNTECH 3400150P1 B-SMD-5P H11634CT-ND(compatible) 798-ZX62-B-5PA11(compatible)
3460510P1 DIP Blue Female Header Connector 1X10P-2.0-4.3 YXCON 3460510P1 1X10P-2.0-4.3 BLUE FEMALE S5751-10-ND(compatible)
3460540P1 DIP White Female Header Connector 1X6P-2.54-8.5 YXCON 3460540P1 1X6P-2.54-8.5 WHITE FEMALE S7004-ND(compatible)
320020010 DIP Black Male Header VERT Connector 1*40P-2.54-2.54-11.6/3.0mm YXCON 320020010
320020018 DIP White Male Header VERT Connector 1*10P-2.0-2.0-8.7/2.8mm YXCON 320020018
320030020 DIP White Female Header VERT Connector 1*10P-2.0-4.3mm YXCON 320030020
320030039 DIP Long Black Female Header VERT Connector 1*10P-2.54-8.5mm YXCON 320030039
320070014 DIP IC Socket Connector 2*8P-2.54mm NSTECH 320070014
320070007 DIP IC Socket Connector 2*9P-2.54mm NSTECH 320070007
320170000 SMD Battery Cell Holder Plastic; Connector CR1220-15.06*13.00*H4.1mm 320170000
320110017 SMD Male DB9 Connector Connector DB9-90D BEST 320110017
311020025 TS-1101F DIP Button Front -white; Switch 2P-L6.0*W3.0*H4.3mm-90D Baisite 311020025
320030059 F185-1110A1BSYC1 DIP Yellow Female Header VERT; Connector 1*10P-2.54-8.5mm Yuxi 320030059
320060001 592012411010 SMD FPC CONN Connector 12P-0.5 Leyconn 320060001
320030025 F150-1106A1BSUA1 DIP Black Short Female Header VERT; Connector 1*6P-2.54-5.0mm Yuxi 320030025
320030003 F185-1108A1BSYA1 DIP Blue Female Header VERT Connector 1*8P-2.54-8.5mm Yuxi 320030003
320030004 F185-1106A1BSYA1 DIP Blue Female Header VERT Connector 1*6P-2.54-8.5mm Yuxi 320030004
320030012 F185-1106A1BSYA2 DIP Long Black Female Header VERT Connector 1*6P-2.54-8.5mm Yuxi 320030012
320030017 F185-1104A1BSYA1 DIP Black Female Header VERT Connector 1*4P-2.54-8.5mm Yuxi 320030017
320030019 F185-1106A1BSYA3 DIP Yellow Female Header VERT; Connector 1*6P-2.54-8.5mm Yuxi 320030019
320030023 F185-1102A1BSYA1 DIP Black Female Header VERT Connector 1*2P-2.54-8.5mm Yuxi 320030023
320030035 F185-1203A1BMYA1 SMD Blue Female Header VERT Connector 2*3P-2.54-8.5mm Yuxi 320030035
320030011 F185-1203A1BSYA1 DIP Black Female Header VERT Connector 2*3P-2.54-8.5mm Yuxi 320030011
320030013 F185-2108A1BSYA1 DIP Long Black Female Header VERT Connector 1*8P-2.54-(8.5+1.5)mm-10.5 Yuxi 320030013
320030009 F243-1110A1BSUA1 DIP Black Female Header VERT Connector 1*10P-2.0-4.3mm Yuxi 320030009
320020004 P125-1108A0BS116A1 DIP Blue Male Header VERT Connector 1*8P-2.54-2.54-11.6/3.0mm Yuxi 320020004 1X8P-2.54-2.54-11.6-3.0 BLACK MALE 609-3300-ND(compatible)
320020005 P125-1106A0BS116A1 DIP Blue Male Header VERT Connector 1*6P-2.54-2.54-11.6/3.0mm Yuxi 320020005 1X6P-2.54-2.54-11.6-3.0 BLACK MALE 609-3256-ND(compatible)
320020015 P125-1102A0BS116A2 DIP Blue Male Header VERT Connector 1*2P-2.54-2.54-11.6/3.0mm Yuxi 320020015
320020016 P125-1102A0BS116A1 DIP Black Male Header VERT Connector 1*2P-2.54-2.54-11.6/3.0mm Yuxi 320020016
320020021 P125-1108A0BS116A2 DIP White Male Header VERT Connector 1*8P-2.54-2.54-11.6/3.0mm Yuxi 320020004 1X8P-2.54-2.54-11.6-3.0 BLACK MALE 609-3300-ND(compatible)
320020022 P125-1106A0BS116A2 DIP White Male Header VERT Connector 1*6P-2.54-2.54-11.6/3.0mm Yuxi 320020022 1X6P-2.54-2.54-11.6-3.0 BLACK MALE 609-3256-ND(compatible)
320020037 P125-1102A0BS116A3 DIP White Male Header VERT Connector 1*2P-2.54-2.54-11.6/3.0mm Yuxi 320020037
320020038 P125-1103A0BS116A1 DIP White Male Header VERT Connector 1*3P-2.54-2.54-11.6/3.0mm Yuxi 320020038
320020019 P125-1106A0BR138A1 DIP Black Short Male Header R/A Connector 1X6P-2.54-2.54-6.0mm-90D-1 Yuxi 320020019
320020006 P125-1106A0BS195A1 DIP Black Male Header VERT Connector 1*6P-2.54-2.54-19.5/3.0mm Yuxi 320020006
320020003 P125-1203A0BS116A1 DIP Blue Male Header VERT Connector 2*3P-2.54-2.54-11.6/3.0mm Yuxi 320020003 2X3P-2.54-2.54-11.6-3.0 BLACK MALE 609-3202-ND(compatible)
320020027 P125-1203A0BS116A2 DIP Yellow Male Header VERT Connector 2*3P-2.54-2.54-11.6/3.0mm Yuxi 320020027 2X3P-2.54-2.54-11.6-3.0 BLACK MALE 609-3202-ND(compatible)
320020089 P220-1140A0BS087A1 DIP White Male Header VERT Connector 1*40P-2.0-2.0-8.7-2.8mm Yuxi 320020089
320030100 F185-1103A1BRYA1 DIP Black Female Header Connector 1*3P-2.54-8.5-90D YXCON 320030100
320030014 F185-1106A1BRYA1 DIP Black Female Header R/A Connector 1*6P-2.54-8.5mm-90D YXCON 320030014
320030076 F185-AA08A2BRYA1 DIP Black Female Header R/A; Connector 1*8P-2.54-8.5mm-90D YXCON 320030076
320120007 GSL009-5.0-02P-12 DIP Female Blue; Connector 2P-5.0 SENGER 320120007
320140010 RJ45-MJ6-BX11-RVS1T073 RJ45-MJ6-BX11-RVS1T073 Connector 6P-18.15*22.5*11.35 HELING 320140010
320030032 DIP Black Female Header VERT Connector 1*10P-2.54-8.5mm YXCON 320030032


Image Seeed PN MPN Description Category Package Manufacturer Datasheet 3D-Module Digikey Mouser
0330020P1 19-217-R6C-AL1M2VY-3T LED-SMD Red Diffused Diode 0603 Everlight 0330020P1 LED-0603 638-19217R6CAL1M2VY3
304090071 ADL-0603W SMD LED Yellow-White Diode 0603 Chengguangxing 304090071 LED-0603
0330010P1 19-217-G7C-AN1P2-3T SMD LED Clear-Green Diode 0603 Everlight 0330010P1 LED-0603
304090046 17-215SURC/S530-A2/TR8 SMD LED Clear-Red Diode 0805 Everlight 304090046
304090065 CZXR-80RGB03-A DIP LED RGB Common Anode;Radial-4P-2.0-8mm Diode Radial-4P-2.0-8mm Chengguangxing 304090065
0300040P1 1N4007 DIODE GEN PURPOSE 1KV 1A Diode DO-214AC CJ 0300040P1 DO-214AC
0330060P1 19-217-BHC-ZL1M2RY-3T SMD LED Clear-Blue Diode 0603 Everlight 0330060P1 LED-0603
0310130P1 SS54B Diode SMB 0310130P1 SMB
0300070P1 1N5819 SMD Diode Schottky 40V-1A Diode DO-214AC 0300070P1 DO-214AC
0330050P1 19-217-Y5C-AM1N1VY-3T SMD LED Clear-Yellow Diode 0603 Everlight 0330050P1 LED-0603
0300060P1 1N4148 Diode LL-34 CJ 0300060P1 LL-34
0390030P1 SS0520-7-F Diode SOD-123 0390030P1 SOD-123
304020034 B5819W SMD Diode Schottky 20V-1A Diode SOD-123 Micro Commercial Components 304020034 SOD-123
304020016 BAT54C,215 SMD Diode Schottky 30V-200mA Diode SOT-23 Everlight 304020016
304020028 MBR0520LT1G SMD Diode Schottky 20V-500mA Diode SOD-123 ON Semiconductor 304020028
304050003 CESD5V0AP SMD Diode TVS 5V-225mW Diode SOT-23 CJ 304050003
304060001 CESD5V0D1 SMD Diode ESD 6.2V-250mW Diode SOD-123 CJ 304060001
304090038 G502DC DIP LED Green-Green Diode Radial-2P-2.54-5mm Chengguangxing 304090038
304090040 DIP LED Green-Green Diode Radial-2P-2.54-3.0mm Chengguangxing 304090040
304090041 DIP LED Red-Red Diode Radial-2P-2.54-3mm Chengguangxing 304090041
304090059 UR502DC DIP LED Vaporous-Red-Red Diode Radial-2P-2.54-5mm Chengguangxing 304090059
304090039 17-215UYC/S530-A3/TR8 SMD LED Clear-Yellow Diode 0805 Everlight 304090039
304090057 17-215SYGC/S530-E2/TR8 SMD LED Clear-Green Diode 0805 Everlight 304090057
304060003 CESD3V3AP SMD Diode ESD 3.3V-225mW; Diode SOT-23 CJ 304060003
304090016 16-219A/T2D-AR2T1QY/3T SMD LED Yellow-Diffused-Pure White Diode 0402 Everlight 304090016
304090051 UO504WC DIP LED Orange; Diode Radial-2P-2.54-5mm Chengguangxing 304090051
304090053 30SVC4A DIP LED Clear-Purple; Diode Radial-2P-2.54-5mm Chengguangxing 304090053
304090054 504BC DIP LED Transparent-Blue; Diode Radial-2P-2.54-5mm Chengguangxing 304090054
304090058 504WC DIP LED Transparent-White; Diode Radial-2P-2.54-5mm Chengguangxing 304090058
304090075 BL-HB337A-AV-TRB SMD LED Clear-Blue Diode 0402 Bright 304090075


Image Seeed PN MPN Description Category Package Manufacturer Datasheet 3D-Module Digikey Mouser
0900120P1 BLM18AG121SN1D SMD FERRITE CHIP 120 OHM 500MA Inductor 0603 Murata 0900120P1 Inductor0603 490-1011-1-ND(compatible) 81-BLM11A121S(compatible)
0210410P1 SPD3D16-4R7M SMD Power Inductor 4.7uH-20% Inductor SMD-2P-3.9X3.9X2.0H CODACA 0210410P1 SMD-2P-3.9X3.9X2.0H
303010016 SPD3D16-4R7M SMD Inductor 10uH-20%;SMD-2P-L6.0*W6.0*H3.0mm Inductor SMD-2P-L6.0*W6.0*H3.0mm CODACA 303010016


Image Seeed PN MPN Description Category Package Manufacturer Datasheet 3D-Module Digikey Mouser
0400000P1 S9013 SMD Transistors NPN 25V-500mA Transistor SOT-23 CJ 0400000P1 SOT-23
305010017 S8050 SMD Transistors NPN 25V-500mW; Transistor SOT-23 CJ 305010017
305010022 S9014J6 SMD Transistor NPN 50V-100mA Transistor SOT-23 Changjiang 305010022
305030028 2N7002-215 SMD MOSFET N-CH 60V-300mA Transistor SOT-23 NXP 305030028
0410030P1 S8550 Transistor SOT-23 0410030P1 SOT-23
0440200P1 CJ2302 SMD MOSFET N-CH 20V 2.1A Transistor SOT-23 CJ 0440200P1 SOT-23
0440210P1 CJ2305 SMD MOSFET P-CH -8V -4.1A Transistor SOT-23 CJ 0440210P1 SOT-23
305030032 SI2305DS-T1-E3 SMD MOSFET P-CH 8V-3.5A Transistor SOT-23 Vishay Siliconix 305030032 SOT-23
305010013 MMBT3904LT1G SMD Transistors NPN 40V-200mA Transistor SOT-23 ON Semiconductor 305010013 SOT-23

Crystal Oscillator

Image Seeed PN MPN Description Category Package Manufacturer Datasheet 3D-Module Digikey Mouser
0500290P1 X053201602002 16MHz-8pF-20ppm-40R Crystal Oscillator 2P-SMD-5.0X3.2 JINGPENGYUAN 0500290P1 2P-SMD-5.0X3.2
306010037 49S/18PF DIP Crystal 16MHz-18pF-30ppm-50R Crystal Oscillator HC49/US Xinhunjing 306010037
306010004 5032-4P SMD Crystal 8MHz-20pF-20ppm; Crystal Oscillator 2P-L5.0*W3.2mm Xinhunjing 306010004
306010033 49S8M DIP Crystal 8MHz-20pF-20ppm-60R Crystal Oscillator HC49S Xinhunjing 306010033
306010005 49S DIP Crystal 25MHz-20pF-20ppm;HC49US Crystal Oscillator HC49US Xinhunjing 306010005
306010047 5032/2P SMD Crystal 12Mhz-20pF-20ppm-40R Crystal Oscillator 2P-L5.0*W3.2mm Xinhunjing 306010047
306010055 FC-135 SMD Crystal ABS07-32.768KHZ-7pF-20ppm-70K Crystal Oscillator 2P-L3.2*W1.5mm Xinhunjing 306010055


Image Seeed PN MPN Description Category Package Manufacturer Datasheet 3D-Module Digikey Mouser
0900390P1 SMD PPTC-500mA-15V Fuse 1812 TIANRUI 0900390P1 Fuse1812
0900030P1 PPTC-500mA Fuse 1206 TIANRUI 0900030P1 Fuse1206
0900020P1 KT8-1000SMD1206 SMD PPTC 1000mA-8V Fuse 1206 TIANRUI 0900020P1 Fuse1206
307010010 SMD1210R075SF SMD PPTC 750mA-6V;1210 Fuse 1210 Darong 307010010
307010013 KT13-0750SMD SMD PPTC 750mA-13.2V Fuse 1206 Bourns 307010013


Image Seeed PN MPN Description Category Package Manufacturer Datasheet 3D-Modulef Digikey Mouser
308020000 LY190-128064 OLED-128*64;27P-0.6-L26.7*W19.26*H1.3mm Optoelectronics 128*64;27P-0.6-L26.7*W19.26*H1.3mm Liyuan 308020000


Image Seeed PN MPN Description Category Package Manufacturer Datasheet 3D-Modulef Digikey Mouser
312010004 KS-12065D03YA DIP Buzzer 3V;2P-7.6-D12*H6.5mm Buzzer 2P-7.6-D12*H6.5mm Guangjixing 312020004


Image Seeed PN MPN Description Category Package Manufacturer Datasheet 3D-Modulef Digikey Mouser
315030000 HLS8L-DC5V-S-C DIP Power Relay 5V-7A Relays 5P-L19.0*W15.0*H15.0mm HELISHUN 315030000


Image Seeed PN MPN Description Category Package Manufacturer Datasheet 3D-Modulef Digikey Mouser
314990002 LHI778 Dual Element Detector Sensor Sensor 3P-D8.1X4.2Hmm PreKinElmer 314990002
314020024 YG1006 DIP Optical Sensor Sensor 2P-2.54-5mm Xinde 314020024
314020002 RPR-220 DIP Optical Sensor Sensor 4P-L6.4*W4.9*H6.5mm ROHM 314020002
314020023 TSAL6200 DIP Optical Sensor Sensor 2P-2.54-5mm Vishay 314020023
314080008 ADXL345BCCZ-RL SMD Accelerometers Sensor Sensor 14-LGA Analog Devices Inc 314080008
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