Grove System

Grove is a modular, ready-to-use tool set. Much like Lego, it takes a building block approach to assembling electronics. Compared with the traditional, complicated learning method of using a breadboard and various electronic components to assemble a project, Grove simplifies and condenses the learning process significantly. The Grove system consists of a base shield and various modules with standardized connectors. The Base shield allows for easy connection of any microprocessor input or output from the Grove modules, and every Grove module addresses a single function, such as a simple button or a more complex heart rate sensor. Each one comes with clear documentation and demo code to help you get started quickly. The Grove system also offers stand-alone mixer packs (Grove - Mixer Pack and Grove - Mixer Pack V2) that include a set of Grove modules that can be connected with each other to circuits without having to use a base shield of any sort. This way, various projects and circuits that do not need micro-controllers or microprocessors can be built.

Grove Modules

A wide range of Grove modules are available for use within the Grove System. These can be classified into the following categories:

Environmental Monitoring

Have you ever wanted to get your daily weather report based on data from your garden instead of obtaining a more generic report from your TV or mobile phone? Sensors in this category help you monitor and report on your environment with minimal effort. They can also help you chart everyday fluctuations in temperature, measure air quality, sense light, and assess other elements in your immediate environment.

Motion Sensing

Sensors in this category enable your microcontroller to detect motion, location and direction. You can make the movement of your microcontroller understandable in three dimensional spaces or determine which direction is up with the help of a 3-axis accelerometer and compass.

Wireless Communication

Communicating without wires is a cool feature that can spice up your project. Modules in this category arm your microcontroller with wireless communication ability such as RF, Bluetooth, etc.

User Interface

Modules in this, our largest, category, let you interface with your microcontroller via input modules, such as touch pads, joysticks or your voice. Or you can choose output modules, like LED strips, motors or even an OLED display, to enhance your project. This is where the fun begins, as you get to interact with the fruits of your labor.


Physical Monitoring

Scientists understand the world around us in physical dimensions. Modules in this category are designed to help you analyze the physical world. Measure your heart rate, detect the color of objects, or find out the amplitude of the current without dismantling your project. These modules provide an easy mechanism to gather this data without high-end expensive instruments.

Logic Gates


Grove Cables

GROVE Kit Series

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