Wio Core

Wio core is Wi-Fi module with ESP8266 chip embedded. And it is equivalent to ESP-WROOM-02® except that we replace original firmware with firmware of Wio platform. So you can use this module to customize your own microcontroller board for IoT applications. The best thing of Wio Core is that you can still use resources of Wio platform. For example, you can use Wio App on your mobile phones for visual programming. Wio core integrates TCP/IP network stacks, 10-bit ADC, and HSPI/UART/PWM/I2C/I2S interfaces.

For ESP-WROOM-02®, it is FCC, CE, KCC, TELEC, LCIE and IC certified with the best FCC results for IoT modules in the industry. As for Wio Core, it can be easily integrated into space-limited devices due to its small size of only 18mm x 20mm. Wio Core can operate in the low power modes. For instance, if it operates in DTIM10, it only consumes 1.2mW while maintaining a Wi-Fi connection. The module also integrates an SPI flash of 16 Mbits used for storing user programs, data and firmware.

Entry level for using Wio Core is lowered by Seeed. We have provided detailed instructions for integrating this module into your applications. (we will cover it later). You can also tailor the firmware to your demands because it is completely open source.

Version Tracker

Product version Release date Support status Notes
Wio Core(v1.0, latest version) July 2016 Supported None



Category Items Specifications
Hardware Certificates FCC/CE/TELEC/RoHS
Wi-Fi protocols 802.11 b/g/n
Frequency range 2.4 GHz–2.5 GHz (2400M–2483.5M)
Operating voltage 3.0–3.6V
Operating current Average: 80 mA
Operating temperature range -40°C–125°C
Package size 18mm(length) × 20mm(width) × 3mm(depth)(for normal silk-reading orientation)
Flash memory size 4Mbyte
Software Firmware Wio Firmware with OTA capability
User interface Cloud Server, Android/iOS App

Package includes(main parts)

Parts name Quantity
Wio core one piece

Hardware Overview

To understand and customize a microcontroller(board) to be compatible with Wio platform, you need to download instructions.

To understand and customize a microcontroller(board) for general applications, you need to download instructions(provided by Espressif®) at https://espressif.com/en/products/hardware/esp-wroom-02/resources.

Update firmware

We use the latest firmware(firmware of Wio platform) then for each module before shipment, so you can update your firmware through mobile phone App. Find more details at http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Wio_Link#Step_5:_Download_firmware.


Instructions to customize this module for your project:

  • Instructions to customize a microcontroller(board) which is compatible Wio platform.
  • Instructions to customize a microcontroller(board) for general applications.

About Wio platform:

Certificates of ESP-WROOM-02:

Latest firmware(at the time of writing this page)

More demo for Wio platform:

Download Eagle package file

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