Xadow Basic Sensors

Xadow Basic Sensors integrates three different sensors on one single board:




Microcontroller STM32F030F4
Core ARM® 32-bit Cortex® -M0 CPU
Power Supply 3.3 ~ 6 V (via breakout pins)
Flash 16 KB
Clock Speed 48 MHz
Operating Temperature Range -30°C to 70°C
Interfaces Interface with Xadow GSM+BLE through I2C (7-bit address 0x03)
Dimension 25.37mm × 20.30mm / 1” × 0.8”

3-Axis Accelerometer (ADXL345)

Test g Range ±2g (default), ±4g, ±8g, or ±16g
Resolution Increase with g range, up to 13-bit resolution at ±16g

Digital Light Sensor (TSL2561) -- Approximates Human Eye Response

Dynamic Range (Lux) 0.1 to 40,000 Lux
Dual Photodiodes Infrared and full spectrum

Temperature Sensor (LM75ADP)

Temperature Range -55°C to 125 °C
Accuracy ± 2°C for temperature range from -25°C to 100°C

± 3°C for temperature range from -55°C to 25°C and from 100 °C to 125°C

Hardware Overview

Use it with RePhone Kit Create

Obtain the Sensor Data

Without any programming, you can connect it to the Core Module (Xadow GSM+BLE) of your ‘RePhone Kit Create' to read all the data from the sensors.

Set 'If This Then That

You can also set the sensor data as a condition to trigger a series of actuators like audio, LED matrix and LED strip, or trigger actions like making a call and sending a message.

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We will be keep updating the source code on our github page:

The schematic diagram of Xadow Basic Sensors is provided in the following link:

Check more info about the datasheet for each sensors:

And the MCU STM32F030F4:

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