Uart Camera Module with JPEG compression - C328

The C328 module is a highly integrated serial camera board that can be attached to a wireless or PDA host performing as a video camera or a JPEG compressed still camera. It provides a serial interface and JPEG compression engine to act as a low cost and low powered camera module for high-resolution serial bus security system or PDA accessory applications.

Model: SEN121A2M


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Electrical Specification

VDD = 3.3V+10%, TA = 0 to 25oC

Symbol Parameter Condition Min Typ Max Unit
VDD DC supply voltage 3.0 3.3 3.6 V
Io Normal Operation Current Operating 60 mA
Is Suspend Current Suspend 100 uA
VIH High level input voltage TTL 2.0 V
VIL Low level input voltage TTL 0.8 V

Lens Specification

Description Parameter
Imager Format 1/4"
F/# 2.8
Focal length (mm) 4.63
Field of View Diagonal (deg) 57
Horizontal (deg) 42
Vertical (deg) 16.5
Relative Illumination 67%
Filter Option IR-cut filter included

Pin definition and Rating

Image Pin Description
VCC Power 3.3VDC
TxD Data Transmit (3.3V)
RxD Data Receive (3.3V)
GND Power Ground

Mechanic Dimensions


System Configuration

Camera Sensors

The C328 uses OmniVision OV76xx VGA CameraChips with an 8-bit YCbCr interface.

OV528 Serial Bridge

The OV528 Serial Bridge is a controller chip that can transfer image data from CameraChips to external device. The OV528 takes 8-bit YCbCr 422 progressive video data from an OV76xx CameraChip. The camera interface synchronizes with input video data and performs down-sampling, clamping and windowing functions with desired resolution, as well as color conversion that is requested by the user through serial bus host commands. The JPEG CODEC with variable quality settings can achieve higher compression ratio & better image quality for various image resolutions.

Program Memory

A serial type program memory is built-in for C328, which provides user-friendly commands to interface external control units.

Hardware Installation


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