UF0 is all-in-one arduino-compatible prototyping platform powered by ST STM32F051C8T6. It also integrates with Seeed Studio grove 4-pin interface, which can be connected with major grove families, making prototype easier and faster. The TSC capacitive touch controller is the unique character for you to have fun with your finger, and it has 32bit timer and 12bit DAC,I2C, UART interfaces for extension.

Integrated with DC-DC Step-down power chip, it can provide highly efficient and stable power for the shields and other modules, especially suitable for those who want to build a product.

Arduino IDE for the software development, it makes your prototype start quickly and easily. It supports grove starter kitfor Arduino from Seeed studio perfectly.

UF0 now is selling on Seeed Studio. You can buy from this link. http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/UF0-STM32F0-CortexM0-Arduino-Grove-compatible-Platform-p-2257.html.


* Size L x W 83.8 x 53.4mm
* Processor ST STM32F051C8T6, 48MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 MCU
* Memory 8KB SRAM, 64KB Flash
* Working Voltage 3.3V
* Input Voltage 7V-24V
* Output Voltage 5V/2A 3.3V/500mA
* Digital IO 14个(6*PWM)
* Analog Output 6个(3.3V, 1 *DAC output)


  • ARM-base 32-bit Cortex-M0 MCU with Low power consumption and good performance
  • Capacitive touch sensor with more fun
  • 7-24V DC wide range input, high efficiency and powerful power supply
  • Arduino and Grove compatible with support for a rich set of third-party expansion boards
  • Dual UART and I2C (Grove Interface) for expansion boards

Pin Out Description

Machine Dimension

Program Environment

Arduino IDE and UF0 BSP can help you to program UF0,Below will introduce how to set up UF0 development environment built in Arduino IDE.

Download and Unzip Arduino IDE package

Arduino IDE download site:http://downloads.arduino.cc/arduino-1.5.5-windows.zip, you will see the directory below after download and unzip.

Note: Arduino IDE should be arduino-1.5.5 or higher version.

Download and install UFO BSP

  • Download the ZIP package
  1. Download UF0 BSP package from the site: https://codeload.github.com/BestU/STM32_for_Arduino_BSP/zip/master
  2. Put UF0 BSP under the directory "hardware" of Arduino IDE,and rename “BestU”.
  • Using git clone the latest version
  1. In the directory "hardware" of Arduino IDE execute the following command
git clone https://github.com/BestU/STM32_for_Arduino_BSP.git BestU
You can now see the following in the "hardware":
You can now see the following in the "BestU":

Start UF0

Install CP2102 driver

using USB cable to connect UF0 with your PC,then the power LED on UF0 lights up, go and view the corresponding equipment and port number from windows device Administrators, like the below image:
Note: It may need to install CP2102 driver for the first time,CP2102 driver download site: http://www.silabs.com/Support%20Documents/Software/CP210x_VCP_Windows.zip

Open Arduino IDE, choose UF0

Choose Port number

Work with Grove Kit

Now UF0 can work with grove starter kit.

The kit includes some modules as below:

1xBase Shield
1xGrove - LCD RGB Backlight
1xGrove - Smart Relay
1xGrove - Buzzer
1xGrove - Sound Sensor
1xGrove - Touch Sensor
1xGrove - Rotary Angle Sensor
1xGrove - Temperature Sensor
1xGrove - LED
1xGrove - Light Sensor
1xGrove – Button

How to use those modules, please visit this link: http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page#Grove get more information.

UF0 Examples

  1. Blink example
  2. Touch example
  3. Motor example


  1. UF0 BSP(zip)
  2. UF0 Overview(pdf)
  3. UF0 Schematic(pdf)
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