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1. RISKS Designer must understand the risk of productize a prototype. Seeed will help to make sure a smooth process but risks like BOM defect, Manufacture loss, communication gaps or any other unexpected issue might lower the yield remarkably. Seeed will cover the manufacture cost for defect units, but couldn’t take the responsibility of material or any incurred loss.
2. TERMS Sample – A validated working sample shipped to SEEED
BOM – The bill of material needs precise part name, product ID in major distributor, and verified stock
PCB File – Gerber file or Eagle file, with requirements
Test Plan – Step by step straightforward guide to validate manufactured products
NPI – New product integration
ROI – return of investment

Multi Layers 1-2
PCB Material FR-4
Minimum Qty 3
Maximum Size 500mm X 1100mm
Board Thickness 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm2.0mm or 2.4mm
Thickness Tolerance (t≥0.8mm) ± 10%
Thickness Tolerance (t<0.8mm) ± 10%
Insulation Layer Thickness 0.075mm--5.00mm
Minimum Line 6mil
Minimum Space 6mil
Out Layer Copper Thickness 1oz(35um)
Inner Layer Copper Thickness 17um—100um
Drilling Hole (Mechanical) 0.3mm—6.35mm
Finish Hole (Mechanical) 0.3mm—6.30mm
Diameter Tolerance (Mechanical) 0.08mm
Registration (Mechanical) 0.09mm
Aspect Ratio 8:1
Solder Mask Type Photosensitive ink
SMT min Solder Mask Width 0.1mm
Min Solder Mask Clearance 0.1mm
Plug Hole Diameter 0.25—0.60mm
Surface Finish HASL, ENIG, Chem. Tin
Eagle Design Rule:
  • click to download.
  • 8Drills line and long slot can’t be accepted
  • Minimum slot 1mm*1mm
  • DRC compatible as rule file attached
  • The PCB size is smallest rectangle that can accommodate PCB
  • Single/ Double
  • Min 0201
  • Up to QFP , 0.5mm
  • RoHS
  • No Lab test
  • No Reliability test
  • No defect analysis for yield over 90% (?)
  • Power up test
PACKAGE Anti-static plastic bag, separately packed with enough buffer material.


5. Eagle design rules file and Eagle libraries we are using.
Bill of Material is the key factor for a successful PROPAGATE case, we will do our best to communicate and help. But please beware the risk of fake, lead time, out of stock, model confusion and etc. The preferred way is using popular components, prepare alternatives and plan ahead.

In anyway, please estimate the BOM cost for a quotation session, we will reply with a precise quotation in Invoice session before your payment. 7. ASSEMBLY NOTES
We prefer to help test and follow up any quality issue on the first sight. Please provide a simple and effective test plan of step by step instruction. We will make sure manufactured products will pass the test plan with expected results. A test report will be provided upon test finish.
Sample Test Plan -Kevin
Default repair on defect units, recovered units will be counted as accept quantity, defect units reserved for 2 months, could be shipping back to designer or discard. NPI Target 90% pertentage, carry out defect analysis if yield lower than 90%, try recover defect units if yield higher than 90%. Repeated production will target 95% yield.
Initial Balance = Deposit - accepted product quantity * Unit cost
- Deposit: After quotation is confirmed, our project manager will send out an invoice. A deposit is needed to initiate new product introduction (NPI). Designer also needs to send an email with following info to to confirm payment:

- Accepted product quantity: Designer will decide target quantity, Seeed start manufacture with target quantity and notify yield on batch ends. Due to manufacture loss, accepted product quantity might be less than target. Designer should understand the manufacture risk especially for NPI units. For defect units, Seeed will keep sample and corresponding evidence for review; try to fix, but not taking the responsibility of BOM cost. Seeed will cover corresponding cost of mass defect (over 20%) caused by soldering and PCB.
- Unit cost will base on target quantity, even if the accepted product quantity does not meet corresponding price break.  


Current Balance = Sales Qty * Unit Price * (1- handling fee) + Previous Balance + 10% of Designer Purchase compensation
- Sales qty will be calculated each month via bazaar system. Every sales order is archived for review. - Unit Price will be decided by customer.
- Handling fee includes Paypal/TT/Credit card cost, storage, order handling, logistic, post-sales support, web-store (Bazaar) catalog listing, and shipping loss.
- Designer purchase: Designer could allocate inventory by placing orders in Bazaar. For drop-shipping, just fill in the shipping info and Seeed will handle the rest. Designer could also purchase other product or services for future work. To compensate the process, 10% of all purchases will be returned to designer’s next month balance.
- Balance could be withdrawn once each month to instructed bank account or Bazaar account credit.
Seeed Studio will cover shipping loss.
Wholesale order
Designer with their own distributor network could use bazaar as a logistics center. We integrate this in Designer purchase for easier handling and leave maximal flexibility to Designers. The purchase of their own product will be circled back to themselves deducting handling fees. The 10% compensation is supposed to counteract handling fee impact to wholesale pricing.
For each revision, Seeed view it as an individual projects. Each Designer will have a grand balance of all owned projects. After initial deposit is made, future projects could use positive balance.

FAQ for Propagate 1.0b

The Basic
01. What is Propagate?

02. Are there any limitations on project classification?
No, but Seeed is focused on creative projects. There are a lot of great projects outside of our knowledge. It is our pleasure to collaborate with the passionate people to bring their projects to lift.

03. Does my project must be Open Source?
No. Seeed is continuous to facilitate the OPHW, but we also respect the proprietary.

04. Can I get advances on designing my project?
Seeed does not provide consultation services. We're very sorry, but we cannot assist with custom work, design and layout services, or other consultation services. If you need advice on designing your project or if you're having a problem with something, please submit it to Seeed Technical Support Forum. You would have the great helps from the community.

05. Can I run more than one project at once?
Sure. Each project need to be submitted separately.

06. How can I check the status of my project?
Every registered project will be allocated with a project manager, who would be your contact at Seeed.

07. How can I confirm the manufacturing capacities of Seeed?
Most of the manufacturing capacities of Seeed are listed in ‘Propagate Manual section 4’. Please feel free to contact your project manager if you have any special requirements.

08. What information should I prepare to start a project?
You should prepare a package includes Engineering Sample, BOM, PCB files and Test Plan.

09. Can I get an estimation before submit the design to Seeed?
Yes. You can complete the basic information on Quotation Page to get the estimation.

10. Is the estimation the final amount I need to pay?
Not exactly. Final cost might be higher and lower comparing to the estimation. Our project manager will calculate the accurate cost and confirm the quotation after receiving your design.

11. Can I invest less than 100?
Sorry, but 100 is the minimal qty for us to handling here.

12. Can Seeed help to prepare the engineering sample?
No. You should prepare and ship the sample to us.

13. Can Seeed help to source the components?
Sorry, due to the complexity and the need for material validation, we only do sourcing for order over 1000PCS and strategic partners now.

14. Can I change the design after submitting to Seeed?
Please contact your project manager timely if there are any design changes, and your project doesn’t reach the “Processing” status. To avoid any trouble, please recheck your design before submitting to Seeed.

15. Can a project be cancelled?
See upper. Also, you should expect to afford any amount occurred.

16. How can I confirm the problem is on which side if there is a low yield of my project?
Our Project Manager will prepare you a detailed Test Report when manufacturing done. They

17. Can I have all the stock when manufacturing done?
Absolutely! You keep 100% ownership of your project.

18. Does Seeed charge any money if I want all the stock?

19. How should I do if I want Seeed to distribute my product?
You can contact your project manager for the distribution.

20. What fee does Seeed charge for the distribution?
Seeed will charge 20% of the retail price as the handling fee, which includes PayPal/TT/Credit Card cost, storage, order handling, logistic, post-sales support, web-catalog listing and shipping loss.

21. Can I change the credit card to real money?

22. How should I process the wholesale orders?
See ‘Propagate Manual section 9 – Wholesale Order’.

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