Seeeduino Lotus v1.0

Seeeduino Lotus is an ATMEGA328 Microcontroller development board. It is a combination of Seeeduino and Base Shield. It uses an Atmel ATMEGA328P-MU and CH340. ATMEGA328P-MU is a high performance, low power AVR 8-Bit Microcontroller. CH340 is a USB bus converter chip that can realize a USB to serial interface. Seeeduino Lotus has 14 digital input/outputs (6 of which can output PWM) and 7 analog input/outputs, a micro USB connection, an ICSP header, 12 Grove connections, a reset button.


Interface Function

Driver Install

Seeeduino Lotus uses CH340 to download. It needs a driver to be installed.


Totally compatible with serial application program in computer endpoint Windows operation system

Mac OS

Download the driver from here:
On Mac OS Yosemite:

The driver is not signed in Yosemite, so you need to bypass the signed driver check.

If you want restore your Mac’s setting, you can exit developer mode by redefining the boot-arg to your previous settings, or clear your boot-args as follows: sudo nvram -d boot-args

To see what the current boot-args are, if any, type: sudo nvram boot-args


Here is how to use Seeeduino Lotus.

Hardware Installation

Seeeduino Lotus v1.0
Grove - LCD RGB Backlight
Grove - I2C FM Receiver
Grove - Button
Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor

Software Part

Bug Report


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