Scream out loud - 110dBA fixed tone Siren

This Passive Piezoelectric Type Buzzer is made of plastic, very eye catching colors. It can generate sound over 110DBA(!), so Do not make it close to your ears when you test the buzzer. Includes build-in signal generator, just power on 6-12V and it will scream out loud.

Model: COM101B8B


Caution: may cause damage to human ears, security use only.

Key Specification

Type SFB-55
Nominal voltage 12
Nominal Current 160
Voltage range 8~16
Maximun power 12
Sound Output ≥110
Operating Temp -20~+50
Storage Temp
Weight 80

Mechanic Dimensions

Version Tracker

Revision Descriptions Release
v0.9b Initial public release Jun 08, 2009
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