Propagate Manual

Propagate: Agile manufacturing for small batch PCB, kitting and assembly! Please check this link and upload your project:


Basic Work Flow



Bill of Material is the key factor for a successful PROPAGATE case, we will do our best to communicate and help. But please beware the risk of fake, lead time, out of stock, model confusion and etc. The preferred way is using popular components, prepare alternatives and plan ahead.

  1. Customer Provide. For the first round of production, we need you to provide the materials needed, please order via major electronic distributors like mouser, digikey, farnell and ship to us. We will accountant the cost of custom declarations for you.
  2. Components Pool: Seeed maintains a pool of regular components like resistors, capacitors, pin headers and connectors, most of them are free to use. Please check out our components inventory, and add the ID into your BOM. Open parts library
  3. Sourcing for customer: Due to the complexity and the need for material validation (check out the story of fake atmega328 from Sparkfun), we only do sourcing for order over 1000 pcs and strategic partners now.

In anyway, please estimate the BOM cost for a quotation session, we will reply with a precise quotation in Invoice session before your payment.

PCB capacity

Multi Layers 1-4
PCB Material FR-4
Minimum Qty 100
Maximum Size 500mm X 1100mm
Board Thickness 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm2.0mm or 2.4mm
Thickness Tolerance (t≥0.8mm) ± 10%
Thickness Tolerance (t<0.8mm) ± 10%
Insulation Layer Thickness 0.075mm--5.00mm
Minimum Line 6mil
Minimum Space 6mil
Out Layer Copper Thickness 1oz(35um)
Inner Layer Copper Thickness 17um—100um
Drilling Hole (Mechanical) 0.3mm—6.35mm
Finish Hole (Mechanical) 0.3mm—6.30mm
Diameter Tolerance (Mechanical) 0.08mm
Registration (Mechanical) 0.09mm
Aspect Ratio 8:1
Solder Mask Type Photosensitive ink
SMT min Solder Mask Width 0.1mm
Min Solder Mask Clearance 0.1mm
Plug Hole Diameter 0.25—0.60mm
Surface Finish HASL, ENIG, Chem. Tin
Eagle Design Rule:
  • click to download.
  • Drills line and long slot can’t be accepted
  • Minimum slot 1mm*1mm
  • DRC compatible as rule file attached
  • The PCB size is smallest rectangle that can accommodate PCB



Test Plan

We prefer to help test and follow up any quality issue on the first sight. Please provide a simple and effective test plan of step by step instruction. We will make sure manufactured products will pass the test plan with expected results. A test report will be provided upon test finish.

Test Plan Reference


Default repair on defect units, recovered units will be counted as accept quantity, defect units reserved for 2 months, could be shipping back to designer or discard.
NPI Target 90% pertentage, carry out defect analysis if yield lower than 90%, try recover defect units if yield higher than 90%.
Repeated production will target 95% yield.


Anti-static plastic bag, separately packed with enough buffer material.



Manufacture via Propagate

Initial Balance = Deposit - accepted product quantity * Unit cost
  1. email title start with “[PAY] #project number”
  2. Attachment of Wiring Transfer receipt, Paypal confirmation email or balance guarantee.
  3. Issuing account name
  4. Amount and currency

Distribution via Bazaar

Current Balance = 
Sales Qty * Unit Price * (1- handling fee) + Previous Balance

Seeed Studio will cover shipping loss.

Wholesale order

Designer with their own distributor network could use bazaar as a logistics center. We integrate this in Designer purchase for easier handling and leave maximal flexibility to Designers. The purchase of their own product will be circled back to themselves deducting handling fees. The 10% compensation is supposed to counteract handling fee impact to wholesale pricing.

Multiple Projects

For each revision, Seeed view it as an individual projects. Each Designer will have a grand balance of all owned projects. After initial deposit is made, future projects could use positive balance.


It is the user of the Propagate system's duty to understand there are inherent and unavoidable risks when using the service.

Seeed is committed to helping you the user but can not accept responsibility for defects the result of the inherent risks. Risks include Bill Of Material defects, manufacturing process errors and miscommunication. There are other risks which cannot be predicted which may cause your production run to have lower than 100% yield. Seeed will cover the manufacturing cost for defective units but does not take responsibility for loss of materials or any any indirect costs.

Seeed will work with you to ensure your experience goes as smoothly as possible.


Please post your questions in QnA session.

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