Propagate: Agile manufacturing for small batch PCB, kitting and assembly´╝üThe minimal quantity is 100pcs.

Designer will decide targeted quantity, Seeed start manufacture with corresponding quantity and notify yield on batch ends. The unit cost will be only calculated by project manager.

Current Balance = Sales Qty * Retail Price * (1- handling percentage fee) + Previous Balance

Unit cost will base on target quantity even if batch output does not meet price break. For example, if the yield is only 90% of 500 pcs, the 450 pcs output will still be calculated by 500 pcs batch cost.

Handling percentage fee includes Paypal/TT/Credit card cost, storage, order handling, logistic, post-sales support, web-store(Bazaar) catalog listing. Logistic loss will be deducted from inventory, but not affecting sales,

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Yield Responsibility Compensation

Seeed will start manufacture after the payment arrives.


Designer could assign the project to distribution via Bazaar. Project manager would be accounted by the quantity sold per month, and record into the project balance. If designer has multiple projects, there will be a grand balance per designer.

Project manager would be accounted every month and recorded in balance.

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