Piezoelectric vibration sensor

The vibration sensor is used for testing the impact force.It has high vibration detection sensitivity and the environmental of sound signal suppression, which has strong ability to engage in interference.


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Cried open :It is consisted of piezoelectric element, spring oscillator, Sensitivity adjustment knob, and led. We can regulate the knob to adjust the sensitivity. For example when adjusting the knob clockwise, the sensitivity increases, oppositely it reduces and outputs alarm signal, led will light while testing the certain scope shock.

Application Ideas

Security and alarm.(motor vehicles, safety box, treasury doors and windows etc.)


The warnings and wrong operations possible cause dangerous.


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Pin definition and Rating

Mechanic Dimensions


Usage Guide

This sensor uses open-collector output transistor drive mode, you can directly interface with MCU. Connecting the white line (output) to arduno/MCU‘s digital I/0, then upload code . First set the port of MCU as”1”(high),then pull -up resistor (R7)output DC12v.When the sensor detect the vibration signal,Q1 break over. The voltage of a drop from 12v to 0.1v and white line drop-down to0.8v, while MCU can detect low voltage.

Hardware Installation


int anologpin = 3;//output pin connected to pin3//
int ledpin = 13;
int val;
void setup()
void loop()
 val= digitalgread;
  if (val>512)


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