Mbed Shield

The Mbed Shield is the Mbed application board based on Mbed LPC1768 Prototyping Board. Just try imagine controlling Ethernet devices using environmental data from sensors. It integrates a series of external interfaces,such as CAN, Ethernet, USB and 4 standard Grove sockets, all together on a single board.The Mbed Shield is also compatible with other standard Arduino Shields, providing you an even more powerful extension for your Mbed.
Model: SLD03121P




Here is a brief description of how to read the Ethernet data and a removable disk data.</span>

1) Wait for the new found hardware prompt.
2) Download the Mbed serial port Driver and install it.
3) The following picture indicates a successful installation.

Demo 1: Read a U disk
The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the most widely used bus in today's computer. USB has particularly been designed to standardize connections between the computer and peripherals. For instance, keyboards, mice, USB audio devices, printers, scanners, disk drives or cameras can use the same bus to exchange data with a computer. A USB device stack has been developed in order to provide all great capabilities from USB to mbed.


1) The MSCUsbHost.bin File is generated by Mbed online compiler.
2) Delete any unrelated bin files appear in Mbed disk.

Demo 2: Read a Ethernet data
The example demonstrates how to get started with the Ethernet function.

Note: Delete any unrelated bin files appear in Mbed disk.


Mbed Shield Eagle File


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