Marquette 5 lead ECG cable

Product Diagram

Marquette 5 lead ECG cable

Model:Marquette 5 lead ECG cable

Product Specification

Sequence number Material code Name Specification Number
1 VQB325A Marquis 10P plug 1PCS
2 VFZ0002 Marquis Pin 11PCS
3 VFZ0001 Marquis endomembrane 1PCS
4 VSZ0002 Marquis outer membrane 1PCS
5 VCP0002 Splitter 1PCS
6 VCP0001 0.9 meters gray single conductor shielded wire 5PCS
7 VST0007 4.0 buckle, black ,white ,red, green ,yellow color 5PCS

Performance Requirements

Sequence number Test project Test condition Test result
1 Lead wire length The total length of lead wire Plus and minus100 mm
2 insulation resistance 100% continuity
test DC:500V
Insulation resistance:100MΩ,
No shorted or open circuit ,poor connection
3 Withstand voltage test Between core wire and shield,
4 Bending test MaHanging weight 500g,
40 times/min, ±90°
More than 1000 times
5 Simulation test Simulator set pulse 120 times,90 times, 60times pulse rate ±2BPM.


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