Lipo Rider V0.9b

Lipo Rider is a power module with Li-Po battery charge management and boost circuit designed for MCU projects with standard USB output interface.



Application Ideas


The warnings and wrong operations possible cause dangerous.


Charge Diagram


Key Specification

Items Min Norm Max
Input Voltage 4.8V 5.0V 6.0V
Output Voltage 4.8V 5.0V 5.2V
Output Current 300mA
Operate Temperature -20℃~65℃
Storage Temperature -25℃~85℃

Charger IC Specifications

Items Min Norm Max
Charger IC CN3083
Charger input voltage 4.8V 5.0V 6.0V
Charger input current 5mA 400mA -
Sleep mode - - 3uA

Boost IC Specifications

Items Min Norm Max
Boost IC AIC1896
Output voltage 4.8V 5.0V 5.2V
Output current 5mA 100mA 350mA

Pin definition and Rating

Pin Instruction and LED Statement

CH pin level(Red LED state) OK pin level(Green LED state) Statements
low level(on) high level(off) Charging
high level(off) low level(last on) Complete
pulse signal(flash) pulse signal(on) The battery isn't exist
high level(off) high level(off)           Two situations :
  •      Input voltage lower than gate voltage
  •      The input voltage lower than battery voltage

Pin definition and Rating

Mechanical Dimensions

The outline dimensions are 47mm * 37.5mm * 6.6mm as shown below:


The Lipo Rider works as a power module to supply a stable 5VDC power for MCU projects. Here is an example to drive 300mA output wave for a power supply:

Hardware Setup

Lipo Rider provides a reliable solution to charge a Li-Po battery from solar or USB power and output a boosted 5VDC power to the standard USB port. When the mini USB power socket is connected, it will charge the Li-Po battery and disable the boost circuit so that the mini USB power is directly output to the standard USB socket. When the solar JST power socket is connected, it will charge the Li-Po battery and boost the Li-Po battery power to the standard USB port.

This is the hardware setup example for the Lipo Rider. When you put the setup under illumination, the solar panel collects the luminous energy and charges the Li-Po battery, Lipo Rider boosts the Li-Po battery power to 5v for Seeeduino or other microcontroller project. The switch is on and the lit LEDs marked by red circle show that the Lipo Rider is working.


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Version Tracker

Revision Descriptions Date Editor
Lipo Rider V0.9b Initial public release Nov 2, 2010 Lafier
Lipo Rider V1.2 Revise release Jan 11, 2011 Silas Wan

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