LinkIt ONE Twilio SMS Demo - Hardware Setting

Note: This step is part of LinkIt ONE Twilio SMS Demo.

Before starting the firmware update, make sure the slide switches are in proper position ( MS/UART should be in MS position. USB/BAT in USB position):

Then, connect your LinkIt ONE to PC, you will get a 10M Disk(Just like a U-disk).

Open config.txt file. There are some information that needs to be filled.

Remember, we had got some account info at Register a Twilio account and Register a Temboo account?

Then slide the switch to UART position. Connect Grove - OLED 1.12 to I2C port. You need to install the WiFi antenna as well

Then, reset LinkIt ONE. You will get some information on LinkIt ONE:

Note: If you don't get Wifi ok for a long time, please check if you had filled the correct information about your AP.

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