Linear Sliding Table (size 246)

Linear slide table is a mechanical structure that can provides linear motion. Widely used in CNC machine, laser cutting machine, 3D printer, etc. Not like the expensive industrial grade linear slide table This Linear Slide Table made of acrylic,aluminum ,Steel and other standardized parts. Because made of acrylic and aluminum, So it's light and cheap.


Basic Parameters

Guide screw Lead:8mm
Step Motor parameters
•Phase: 2
•Step Angle:1.8°
•Voltage: 24
•Phase Current: 1.7A/Phase
•Phase Resistance: 2.2ohm/Phase
•Phase inductance: 3.8mH/Phase
•Holding Torque:
•Lead Wire: 4
•Insulation Class: B
•Motor length: 40mm


Assembly diagram is as follows:

Part Package Qty
Step Motor 42HS40-1704A-001 1
Aluminum Stand 232*20*20mm 2
Shaft Diameter8*232mm 2
Support Base-1 106*50*10mm 1
Support Base-2 106*50*10mm 1
Platform 117*60*8mm 1
Guide Screw Nut Stand 44*40*24mm 1
Guide Screw Length 210mm 1
Guide Screw Nut Lead 8mm 1
Coupling 5mm-8mm 1
Liner Bearing SCS8LUU 2
Bearing Block KFL08 1
Nut M3*2.5 3
Nut M5*3.5 2
Screw M3*10 4
Screw M3*14 4
Screw M3*12 3
Screw M4*8 4
Screw M4*12 8
Screw M5*16 2
Screw M6*12 4
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