How to Request an account

At the beginning, Wiki is a common place for all freelancers to contribute the professional electronic product datasheets and tutorials, share their technologies and methods and show their love and faith of open-source hardware concept. But things could not go as what we want, several pranksters and spammers messing up the page and making lots of bad changes to the wiki. In order to keep Wiki from scribbling, SEEED decides to close the edit permission for anonyms without login, and use ConfirmAccount extension so that users could not create an account directly. Here is the manual on How to request an account:

  1. Click the Login button on the top right corner, and the page turns to the Special:UserLogin page.
  2. Click the Request one button, and the page turns to the Special:RequestAccount page.
  3. Fill out the E-mail address, Real name, Personal biograpgy more than 1 word, and check Terms of Service, then click on the Request account button.
  4. Now your account request has successfully been sent and a confirmation email has been sent to your e-mail address. It will take 5-8 minites for you to get the email.
  5. After you get the email, click on the link and activate your username.
  6. Your e-mail address has been confirmed and will be listed as such in your account request.
  7. Now please wait for the Administrator's confirmation. If your request is accepted, you can get another email with generated password.
  8. When you first log in, you will have to change the password to your own, then you can start your editing.

Any questions for Wiki, you can inform us on SEEED forum at, Thanks for your contributions! And thanks to the contributors who help SEEED fix the website.

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