How to Chose A Gas Sensor

If you search “gas sensor” on , you can find a lot of gas sensor. We know that the air component is diverse, and a certain gas sensor can detect one or more air components, so we designed a series of gas sensor.

There are about 10 kind of gas sensor for sale. They have similar name, it’s likely to cause confusion. Hope that through the following presentation, we can help you to choose the appropriate gas sensor easily.

It’s obvious that different sensor can detect the same gas. Such as MQ-2, MQ-3, MQ-5 Alcohol Sensor, Grove – HCHO Sensor can detect Alcohol. So if you want an alcohol sensor, then which on should you chosen? Although most of the above sensors are able to detect Alcohol, but you should know that they have different range to Alcohol.

And sometimes, we want to test many gases in one sensor, so how should we choose it ?

Following is the link of all gases to Bazaar, choose the one you needed!

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