Grove Starter kit for LinkIt Smart7688 Duo

Grove Starter kit for LinkIt Smart7688 Duo is a starter kit which contain fundament and essential functional modules, such as encoder and OLED display. This kit will save you a lot on expenses and you can build an experimental model for your product. All modules are interfaced with patented Grove interface of Seeed. With this kind of interface, you can accelerate your prototyping process. Also, a novice can get basic applications started with a step-by-step guide provided by Seeed.

About LinkItTM Smart 7688 Duo, LinkItTM Smart 7688 Duo(a compact controller board) is an open development board, based on the OpenWrt Linux distribution, MT7688 and ATmega32u4. The board is designed especially to enable the prototyping of Rich Application IoT devices for smart house.


Application ideas

Parts list

Parts name Quantity
Grove - Light Sensor 1PCS
Grove - Infrared Emitter 1PCS
Grove - Infrared Receiver 1PCS
Grove - Encoder 1PCS
Grove - Touch Sensor 1PCS
Grove - OLED Display 1.12 1PCS
Grove - Temp&Humi Sensor 1PCS
Grove – Relay 1PCS
Grove - GAS Sensor (MQ2) 1PCS
IR Remote 1PCS

A simple demo

You can build an IoT application easily with Grove modules supplied in this kit. Now we use some Grove modules supplied to build a demonstrative IoT application, which is used to collect data from sensors in house and control home appliances. To be specific, this demonstrative application achieve following functions:

Material required

A detailed how-to

Please go to Recipe for the detailed manual:

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