Grove Smart Plant Care Kit

Grove Smart Plant Care Kit is a ease-to-use and advanced tool kit for you to develop a smart system for plants. It favors extensibility to achieve more applications with just a few adjustments. The kit implements two functions. One is to detect environment factors affecting plant growth such as soil moisture, illumination intensity, temperature and air humidity, all the data detected can be read on OLED display. Another one is to water plants automatically through the environment monitoring.



Please refer to each modules' specifications:

Application Ideas

Note that the ideas listed in this section is only some clues to this kit's massive applications.

Hardware Overview

This kit include these modules:

Note that there are lack of two other images which will be added soon

Parts list

Part list in PDF format.

Getting Started

Note that this section only shows you how to build basic development environment.

Guide of building IDE on Arduino UNO.

Guide of building IDE on Seeeduino V4.2(compatible with Arduino)

Note that you can use Base shield for connecting modules quickly.


Note that this section will show you a demo which implemented some realistic functions.

Manual to build a Grove Smart Plant Care Kit.

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