Grove - Serial LCD

Serial LCD Driver is an UART based LCD1602 display (Hitachi HD44780 or a compatible LCD). It can control LCD1602 only with two I/O port pins (UART Tx and Rx).The VCC and GND are the only additional pins required for operation. Conventional LCD drivers use 7-11 I/O port pins, whereas Serial LCD saves all these additional I/O pins. Serial LCD uses AT89S52 for implementing the UART Driving logic. Character, integral number and float number is supported.

Serial LCD includes:

Now Grove - Serial LCD has upgraded to version V1.1. Here is the introductions for different version. Clicking on the images below will take you to the documentation for the corresponding version.

Comparison between various versions

Here lists the comparison between various versions of Grove - Serial LCD:

Parameter V0.9 V1.0 V1.1
Operation voltage +5V +5V +5V
Communication Protocol UART UART UART
Backlight Control No Yes Yes
Power Control No Yes Yes
Library SerialLCD Library SerialLCD Library SerialLCD Library
Power Up Reset No No Yes
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