Grove - I2C FM Receiver

Grove - I2C FM Receiver is a wideband FM receiver module, this module is based on RDA5807M. The RDA5807M series is the newest generation single-chip broadcast FM stereo radio tuner with fully integrated synthesizer. The RDA5807M series has a powerful low-IF digital audio processor. The Grove - I2C FM Receiver has a headset jack, so it can connect to earphones or audio.



We can change channel by Grove - Button and adjust volume by Grove - Rotary

Hardware Installation

Part lists:Seeeduino Lotus,Grove - I2C FM Receiver,Grove - Button 、Grove - Rotary、earphone

Software Part

You can see Center Frequent:


Version Tracker

Revision Descriptions Release Date
Grove - I2C FM Receiver v1.0 Initial public release
Grove - I2C FM Receiver v1.1
  1. Fixed bug - DFM for J3
Dec 2, 2011
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