Grove - High Temperature Sensor

Thermocouples are very sensitive, requiring a good amplifier with a cold - compensation reference. The Grove - Temperature Sensor USES a K type thermocouple Temperature detection, with a Thermistor to detect The ambient Temperature as Temperature compensation. The detectable range of this Sensor is -50-600℃ , and The accuracy is ±(2.0% + 2℃)


Getting Started

Here is an example to show you how to read temperature information from the sensor.

We need a Seeeduino V3.0 and a Grove - High Temperature Sensor.

Hardware Installation

There's a I2C Port on Seeeduino, actually it's connect to A4 and A5 else. So we can use this port to read data from the sensor.

Let's plug this sensor to I2C port of Seeeduino.

Download Code and Upload

You can download the library in here

Then extract the library the Library folder of Arduino, open the demo in examples folder.

Then upload it to your Seeeduino.

Open Serial Monitor and Get Data

Then, open your Serial Monitor, you can find the temperature in Celsius here.

K type thermocouple indexing table

As a reference, the following is K type thermocouple indexing table.


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