Fubarino SD

Fubarino SD is a small, easily breadboardable microcontroller board. It is chipKIT and MPIDE compatible, which means you can write sketches for it in MPIDE, which is the Arduino IDE fork for chipKIT compatible boards. The microcontroller on the board is a Microchip PIC32MX440F256H.



For the Fubarino SD FAQ, please see the Fubarino SD website.

Version Tracker

Revision Descriptions Release Date
Fubarnio 1.4 Initial public release

September 6th 2012


Please use the Github issue tracker for any bugs related to Fubarino SD hardware. For bugs in MPIDE, software or libraries, please refer to the chipKIT/MPIDE forum or the chipKIT/MPIDE Github issue tracker.

Note that the first 100 Fubarino SD boards were mistakenly built with PIC32MX795F512 parts. This should not impact sketches built from MPIDE. However, it does mean that RetroBSD is an option for these first 100 boards.


How to buy

Buy Fubarino SD on SEEED Bazaar.

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The Fubarino SD hardware is licenced under the Solderpad Hardware License v0.5. All MPIDE source code is licenced under GPL or other open source software licenses.


Fubarino SD was designed by Brian Schmalz (from Schmalz Haus LLC) and Rick Anderson (from Fubar Labs). Both are also on the chipKIT/MPIDE development team.

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