FG085 miniDDS

The FG085 is a low cost yet versatile function generator capable of producing many different waveforms. As an easy-to-use tool operation of FG085 is very simple and straightforward. It is an ideal test/experiment tool for electronics hobbyists and students.

Model: FG085 miniDDS


Features implemented as of current firmware

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Frequency Range

In spite of that no limited range is set for frequency entry it should be aware of that there are practical ranges for output frequency due to the low resolution 8-bit DAC and slow sample rate (2.5Msps). Out of these ranges signal quality will degraded as larger distortions and jitters appear. The acceptable ranges depend on actual applications. For FG085 output frequency within following range is reasonably good for most applications.

Function Range
Sine 0 – 200KHz
Square 0 – 10KHz
Triangle 0 – 10KHz
Ramp 0 – 10KHz
Staircase 0 – 10KHz

Servo Signal Settings

The following table lists the details about servo signal settings

Setting Descriptions Acceptable Range Default
SV.PWmin The minimum pulse width allowed 0 – 26000 uSec 1000
SV.PWmax The maximum pulse width allowed 0 – 26000 uSec 2000
SV.PWmid Pulse width corresponding to servo nurture position 0 – 26000 uSec 1500
SV.PWinc [ADJ] step size in Servo Pos mode 0 – 26000 uSec 100
SV.RunStep Step size of pulse width change in Servo Run mode 0 – 26000 uSec 100
SV.RunRate Duration of one step in Servo Run mode 0 – 6.5 uSec 0.1
SV.Cycle Servo signal cycle 0 – 26000 uSec 20000
SV.AMPmax The maximum pulse amplitude allowed 0 – 10.0V 5.0V


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