Edison 4WD Auto Robotic Platform 2.0

Edison 4WD Auto Robotic Platform 2.0 is fundamental development platform which is based on Intel Edison and features powerful scalability. It can helps inventors, entrepreneurs, and consumer product designers develop more practical and various robots easily. Right in this page, we will show you a simple and cool application.

Parts List Check

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Product Assembly Guide

This section cover the content of assembling fundamental development platform quickly. Completed view:

Main steps required required to complete assembly.

Get started: Installation of aluminum frame

Pick a bracket, a short aluminum bar and join them.

Note the grooved side of bracket ought to be close to short aluminum bar.

After joining, put screw into screw hole from outer side to inner side and fixed it with hex key.

Pick a long aluminum bar and make grooved side of bracket close to it.

After joining, put screw into screw hole from outer side to inner side and fixed it with hex key.

Repeat last two steps for another aluminum bar to complete aluminum frame installation.

Assemble bottom board

Place PMMA fixing bar on the side with more screw hole, then align fixing board with long aluminum bar by screw hole. Then place cross recessed pan washer head screw into remote screw hole and fix them as following image shows.

Place nylon hinge on the side with more screw hole of bottom board and align them. Then use hexagon nut, plate spanner and cross recessed flat head screw to fix nylon hinge.

Place nylon hinge on PMMA fixing bar and align screw hole for both item. Then put cross recessed flat head screws into hole and fix them.as the picture shows.

Note that do not fix them too tight and keep loose for later operations.

Fix nylon hinge to fixing bar with cross recessed flat head screw.

Fix bottom board with three thumb screws.

Assemble motors

Place motor's axle up and through bigger hole on long aluminum bar. Then fix motor with M3 cross recessed pan head screw from outer side to inner side.

Repeat last three steps to install all four motor to aluminum frame. Place M3 cross recessed pan head screws into shaft couplings' hole but don't make it through.

Put shaft coupling(screw installed) onto motors' axles and align screw to the hole on axles.

Note the screws must be screwed onto the small pit on motor axles.

Assemble wheels

Put on screw cap washers on M3 cross recessed pan head screw.

Place and push wheel into shaft coupling (from both side of wheel will be okay). Then fix wheel from outside with m3 cross recessed pan head screw.

Loose screw cap washer as following figure shows.

Lead switch through centered two hole on long aluminum bar(left), which have more screw hole on bottom, from inside to outside.

Fix switch as order showed by following figure with plate spanner.

Install PCA board on PMMA upper board

Integrate PCB Assembly board with aluminum frame

Take power cable out of aluminum frame.

Place assembled PCB Assembly board on aluminum frame and align both through screw holes marked.

Note power connector should be place on the same side with switch.

IDE installation (On windows)

Assemble your first Edison board

Thumb of rule: We recommend you don't have to prepare a 7-15 DC power supply for this step, USB cables will meet power-supply demand.

Driver and development tool installation

Thumb of rule: We recommend you only select drivers and flash tool to be installed for the first if you connection speed to Intel server is not fast enough. Downloading other tool separately will be much quicker.

Flash latest firmware on windows

Preliminary application

This section completed a simple application to show its powerful features. You can re-implement quickly by following steps below.


Burn downloaded image files into Edison

Decompress download file and get image file named wifi_car_20150804.img.

Copy image file to SD card.

Insert your SD card to Arduino expansion board. Note you need to format your SD card before do copying operations.

Use following command to flash image file to Edison.

$: mount /dev/mmcblk1p1

Note that the device displayed may be different. A simple way to find SD card descriptions is plug-in and plug-out to see differences of command ls.

$: cd /media/sdcard

$: dd if=wifi_car_20150804.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1M

Detach Intel Edison from Arduino expansion board and then install Intel Edison on PCB Assembly board.

Install DC Power supply. and switch on power.

Take out your cellphone(in this case we use iPhone) and connect to Wi-Fi named EDISON-E9-BB, default Wi-Fi password is 11111111.

Launch a browser on your phone and input edison.local in address bar.

Note you need to input edison.local in address bar on iPhone. On windows phone, Android phone and other wireless devices you can only input

Now you can control you robot movement by virtual joystick on your phone.

View a demo on YouTube.

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