Arch BLE

Arch BLE is an mbed enabled development board based Nordic nRF51822. With Arduino form factor and Grove connectors, it is extremely easy to create a bluetooth low energy device.

The nRF51822 is a powerful multi-protocol single chip solution for ULP wireless applications. It incorporates Nordic’s latest best-in-class performance radio transceiver, an ARM Cortex M0 MCU and 256kB flash + 16kB RAM memory. The nRF51822 supports Bluetooth® low energy and 2.4 GHz protocol stacks.



Get Started

  1. Click this link to login or signup to mbed
  2. Import the mbed_blinky program
  3. Click the Compile icon of the top toolbar to compile the program, then download a compiled hex file.
  4. Drag-n-drop the downloaded hex file into the MBED disk

You can open main.cpp to change the program. For example, use the following code to blink the LED every 0.1s

#include "mbed.h"

DigitalOut led(p30);           // on-board led is connected to p30

int main()
    while (true) {
        led = !led;


If you get a compiling error that 'device.h' is not find, try to update the mbed library to the latest revision in your program.


  1. Color Pixels, a colorful LED strip, can be controlled by mobile phone.
  • Hardware
  • Make it run
  1. Download BLE_Color_Pixels_Arch_BLE.hex
  2. Copy the hex file to the MBED disk of your Arch BLE
  3. Download the Color Pixels Android app
If you want to change the program, click this link to import the Color Pixels program to mbed online IDE.
If the BLE device is disconnected frequently, we can improve the stability by changing the BLE parameters - Advertising Duration (main.cpp), Min Interval and Max Interval (nRF51822/projectconfig.h)
#define CFG_GAP_CONNECTION_MIN_INTERVAL_MS           20                     /**< Minimum acceptable connection interval */
#define CFG_GAP_CONNECTION_MAX_INTERVAL_MS          200                     /**< Maximum acceptable connection interval */

Update or Restore Firmware

The latest firmware version for the Arch BLE is v0203 built at Oct 08 2014. To check your firmware version and built date, open the MBED.HTM file of your MBED disk in a text editor.


Known issues:


To flash a new firmware:


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