3V Hexagon LED Panel Kit

3V Hexagon LED panel kit is designed for the abecedarian to learn how to solder and also for who want to make colorful LED design.

It is easy to solder various LED figures on the panel such as heart, square and whatever you imagine. You just need to connect the power to the panel after soldering the LEDs on it, it will light and show the figure.

One Panel is not enough? We also have 3V LED panel as Expansion pack, Just think about what you want to build.




The kit include a 3V LED panel PCB board(Red), 27pcs LEDs, a Drive board and some electronic components.


This LED panel only supports the 3V rated voltage LED like Green, Blue, Purple and White LED. If you use the 2v LED such as the Red one soldered on the panel, it will be burned out.
So, be careful which color LED  you soldered on the panel. An easy way to distinguish the LED is using a 3v Button Cell to test the LED.

3V rated voltage LED

2V rated voltage LED


Make a big LED panel with several panels:

Light the LED panel:

LED drive[Not included]:

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