2V LED Panel

2V LED Panel is the extension pack for 2V Hexagon LED Panel Kit. It's designed for the novice to learn how to solder and also for who want to make colorful LED designs.

It's a simple hexagon LED Panel and it is easy to solder the various color LEDs on it. Several panels can be connected together to build a large LED panel, and two panels can be connected firmly just by soldering two LEDs between them.

The Panel supports 2V LEDs like red, yellow, orange. It is different from the 3V LED panel.

It includes one green hexagon PCB, 27 red LEDs and some electronic components. With this pack, you can connect the PCB and design your own shinning LED Panel in different styles.



This LED panel only supports the 2V rated voltage LEDs like the red, yellow, orange LEDs. If you use the 3v LEDs, such as Green ones, the panel will be burned out.
So, be careful which color LED  you soldered on the panel. An easy way to distinguish the LED is using a 3v Button Cell to test the LED.

2V rated voltage LED

3V rated voltage LED

Part List


Finish soldering

Connect several panel with LEDs

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