20*2 VFD display (VFD29-2002I)

This is a 20x2 VFD display with a character height of 6mm. We got it from BOE display technology but wasn't able to find a right driving circuit for it. If you have the interest in building a driver for this display, please add this to your shopping cart. We've already provided a full data-sheet from below link, enjoy.

Model: VFD101B1B



Application Ideas


Precautions should be taken to minimize the possibility of static charges occuring during handing and assembly of the VFDs.


Block Diagram Drive Circuit

The series resister RD =22Ω is resister for limitation of over current. The capacitors for noise filter to the VH and VD.


Electrical Characteristics

Item Symbol Test Condition Min Typical Max Unit
Filament Current If Ef=4.5Vac 135.0 150.0 165.0 mA
Supply Current IDD No Load - - 1 mA
Hi-level Input Current IIH VIH=VDD LAT, CLK, SI, BK - 0.1 1.0 µA
Lo-level Input Current IIL VIL=0V LAT, CLK, SI - 0.1 1.0 µA
BK -30 -50 -100
Luminance L(G) Ef=4.5Vac

VH Ek=5.0 Vdc Duty=1/21

350(102) 700(204) - cd/m2(fl)
- - - - cd/m2(fl)
- - - cd/m2(fl)
Luminance Ratio Lmin/Lmax 50 - - %

Function Table

Function Symbol Input/Output Description
Shift clock input CLK Input The serial data at the rising shifted on the rising edge is read by the shift register
Serial Data Input SI Input Serial Data Input Pin
Latch Input Pin LAT Input The shift register data is put on hold at the dalling edge
Blanking Input Pins VH - High voltage Pins for Driver
Logic power Supply VDD - Power Supply to Logic Circuit
Ground GND - Ground of Pin
Serial Data Output SO output Serial Data output Pin

Drive mode: Dynamic state

Absolute Maximum Condition

Item Symbol Terminals Ratings Unit
Filament Voltage Ef F,F 5.4 Vac
Logic Supply Voltage VDD VDD -0.3~+6.0 Vdc
Driver Supply Voltage VH VH -0.3~60 Vdc
Logic Input Voltage VIN BK,LAT,CLK,SI -0.3~VDD+0.3 Vdc
Operating Temperature Top - -40~+85
Storage Temperature Tstg - -45~+85

Recommended Operating Condition

Item Symbol Condition Min TYP Max Unit
Filament Voltage Ef - 4.1 4.5 4.9 Vac
Cut-off voltage Ek - 5.0 - - Vdc
Logic Supply Voltage VDD - 4.5 5.0 5.5 Vdc
Driver Supply Voltage VH - 30.0 40.0 43.0 Vdc
Hi-level Logic Input VIH Logic Input VDDX0.7 - VDD Vdc
Clock Frequency fclk - - - 8.0 MHz

Pin definition and Rating

Mechanic Dimensions

Outer Dimensions Panel Length 125.0mm
Panel height 29.0mm
Panel thickness 8.0±0.5mm
Lead Lead Pitch 2.0mm
Lead Out single-row bending


Power Supply Sequence

VDD should be applied and higher than 4.5V when applying VH.
VDD and VH should be on at the same time, or VH should be on after VDD is on.
VDD and VH should be off at the same time, or VDD should be off after VH is off.

Input Timing Waveform

Hardware Installation


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